Yep - we were FORCED to completely change our business - just about one year ago today...

I'll explain why in a second...

It was going to be a good day.

Or so I thought.

Honestly... looking back at it now...

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No warning...

No heads up...

No 'fix this and you can use AdWords again'...


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So, what now???

Traffic and cash sales like this...

So let me ask you a question...

... every single month?

You bet it would!

X Lose Money With PPC
X Waste Time With SEO
X Waste Cash 'Toying' With CPV
X Kill Yourself Writing Articles
X Burn Hours Every Day Bookmarking
X Destroy Your Brain cells Blogging
X Expend All Your Mental Energy Finding Backlinks!

Forget all the wasted money...

Forget all the wasted time...

Forget killing yourself for scraps of traffic and small earnings...

And it's so easy, you'll kick yourself for not having started this sooner.

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And it took less than 5 minutes for Google to come into the convo...

Instead, he looked angry with me.... he looked like he wanted to slap me.

"Why would you ever give up on that?"

Well, I wasn't going to be a martyr...

I wasn't going to ignore opportunities...

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You see - Google was too small for them.

I'm gonna be super blunt here so buckle up.

This is a vicious cycle that 95% of all internet marketers enter into...

And never get out of...

So, what happens then?

So hear this - loud and clear. That's over for you now...

When it's NOT hard - in fact, you'll see just how easy this is...

Well, that $50 turned into $239 in under 14 hours!

The old methods - all the ones you've been taught - forget about them.

Why do that...

Introducing The
“Media Traffic Meltdown” System ...

Media Traffic Meltdown

How to get up and running with just 30 minutes per day by pushing a few buttons
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How to get more traffic TODAY than you got all of last YEAR!
How to get started generating the easiest profits you've ever seen with very little cost and almost no actual effort... you can have your system up in less than an hour!
How to profit outside of ClickBank. There's a world of affiliate companies outside of information product marketplaces, and we'll show you the ones with the high-end products that will allow you to instantly catapult your income!
The #1 secret to matching the right sites with the right offers to generate the maximum amount of profits.
Our proven formula for calculating your ad spend to know exactly how much you can pay for an ad that will allow you to still be profitable while growing your business.
Our simple “beginner's system" for making the most amount of money in the quickest time possible when getting started. This tactic is so effective some clients have generated thousands in their first couple of weeks and since then made so much using this method that they’ve built an entire business around it!

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How to use media buying to build a steady recurring income, that will rake in the profits month after month on auto pilot.
We'll walk you through how to create high converting banners from scratch that will save you money while dramatically increasing your clickthroughs.
Where you can go to have your ad shown over 1 million times for just pennies on the dollar. Think about it even if the ad sucks with over 1 million impressions your are bound to still get some serious commissions!
How to set your entire media buying business setup and profitable in less than a week.
How we use a simple system to determine which campaign will be successful before you even decide to run it. Imagine having the ability to know the winning campaigns from the losers and how profitable it will be before you even run it!
How to instantly detect what niches have the most active buyers, and how to cash in with them by driving tons of instant targeted traffic.
Our make money in weeks quickstart step-by-step walk-through on how to flip your first $100 into thousands!
And a LOT more that we cannot even list in public - we'll keep it between us!

Traffic and Cash has NEVER been this easy:
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No previous experience is necessary
X No technical skills or experience needed
X No previous success required
X No wasting weeks, months, or years on SEO
X No more PPC
X No more grueling writing of articles or content
X No guesswork at all - just follow our simple step by step map to more success than you ever dreamed possible!

And you can do it all from home, with less than just 30 minutes per day of effort.

Finally watch your accounts Explode with cash sales.

... well it was the best thing that has EVER happened to me!

Finally you'll get the best traffic - and you'll get it anytime you want.

It's Your Turn Now...

Haven't you struggled enough?

So What's It Going To Be?

But we can only help so much... We can help by making this available to you.

You DO need to do something.

You need to take action today, right now, while you CAN.

So... what will you do?

Will you keep repeating the same things over and over again with no success to speak of?

It's your turn now.

Best of Success,

Soren Jordansen, Cindy Battye & JP Schoeffel